Wolves of Mars Bomber Jacket

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We've taken the NASA bomber and reimagined it as a Mars landing jacket with a deep back story.

This olive nylon jacket is lined with a blood orange topographical map of the surface of Mars. The landing patch was designed in the same likeness as NASA's past voyages, but with a hint to our "Wolves of Mars" back story.

The right sleeve features a wolf with the latin inscription "Omnis Vir Lupus", or "We're All Wolves" signifying the unity humanity will need to accomplish colonizing a new planet.

Classic bomber elements we're kept in place to keep the tradition of previous NASA Bombers, but the collar has been replaced with a faux black sheeps wool, instead of the classic aviator sherpa, because what's a wolf without it's sheep. 

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  • Care: Machine wash cold, hang dry or tumble dry low
  • Fits very true to size. If you have any doubts size up. As always we offer free exchanges. 
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