Field Notes

Check Out These RSVLTS Retail Exclusive Items with Local NJ Partners

Summer is officially at full tilt, which means now is absolutely the time to look your finest to beat the heat! 

With that in mind and with July 4 just days away, here’s a few other items to add to your summertime arsenal that you can only find at the following retail partners…though these aren’t your typical brick & mortar stores, so read more below. 

Both items are available while supplies last. 

Departed Soles - “Cheapskatin’ Mikey” TLB Hat (coming July 4)

Shout-out to this amazing year-round hangout spot for the HQ crew and those that live in/around Jersey City. Just one glimpse at Departed Soles website/social or especially visiting its incredible tasting room will make it clear why this little TMNT drop makes total sense for this offer, as space is righteously a fun and clever homage to the turtle dudes. 

So as you might have just seen from the most recent RSVLTS x TMNT Collection, this TLB snapback hat features a solo Mikey shredding on his retro cheapskate board, which was also included within the design of the the same name - Cheapskatin’ - alongside the rest of the TMNT crew. 

Note that a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these “Cheapskatin’ Mikey” hats AND the following item will be donated to The Stephen Gebhardt Memorial Foundation Fund

Furthermore if you’ve been following the brand for years now, you know Departed Soles has been one of the longest standing RSVLTS partners, in particular in graciously creating a few different label artwork and brewing some extremely tasty beverages for the brand over the years. So without further ado, here’s a glimpse of the newest label artwork for the Fourth of Jul-IPA that is available now starting this July 4 holiday week:

So beyond just the beverages and the limited edition gear, if you swing by Departed Soles in Jersey City, additionally you just might find some fun RSVLTS history hidden throughout their awesome tasting room. Enjoy! 

Pier13 Hoboken - RSVLTS x Pier13 2024 Bamboo Button-Down

Just across town from Jersey City, in Hoboken, is one of RSVLTS other retail exclusive drop, which just happens to be another go-to summer hangout spot for everyone at HQ, AND has been a wonderful location for at least one Official RSVLTS Meet-Ups over the years: Pier13 Hoboken. Who knows, ah-hem, perhaps we’ll run back to a Hoboken meet-up at the Pier again later this year?!?!

In the meantime, check out this absolute STUNNER of a RSVLTS Bamboo button-down, in all its Pier13 color scheme glory. Legitimately it absolutely pops even harder in person, you’re not going to want to miss owning this gear.  

Deeper inception…Departed Soles is actually the brewer for the Pier13 “Pier Beer” each year, which is an absolutely refreshing, tasty, spectacular summer blonde ripper. Easy drinking and smooth, plus the color scheme couldn’t be on more point alongside the Pier13 button-down. 

Overall, we’d love to extend a massive kudos to Departed Soles & Pier13, we appreciate all the support over the years, we can’t say thank you enough for everything you do! 

PSA reminder: these items are available at each respective partner’s location only while supplies last. 

Departed Soles Brewing Company

150 Bay St #2A 

Jersey City, NJ 07302

Pier13 Hoboken 

1301 Sinatra Dr North

Hoboken, NJ 07030