Field Notes

Drink Up! The RSVLTS 2024 Cocktail Collection is Served

Welcome to the Happy Hour!

Hope everyone is thirsty 'cause we're serving up top notch libations that are so smooth that it would make Jon Taffer shut down the bar in total praise. We present to you…The RSVLTS 2024 Cocktail Collection!

Whether you like your drinks straight up, on the rocks or in a fancy new Tiki mug, we got you covered with some brand new gear that, in fact, rocks. So put down the mixer, stow away the muddler and get ready to open up a tab that you won't ever want to close.

From the Tiki Bars to the Taverns you will be turning heads upon your entrance in these new threads - "Tipsy Tiki," "Let’s All Go to the Lobby Bar," and “Good Libations” - so you can now officially say that the next round is on you.

All designs are on KUNUFLEX™ material and are available across classic and women's styles/sizing, with select designs available in hybrid shorts, alongside a fresh, delightful t-shirt as well!

So cheers to you, the best dressed barfly!