Field Notes

RSVLTS 2021 Year-In-Review & 2022 Outlook

As we usher in a new year and throw a little wave back to 2021, RSVLTS want to take a few minutes to reflect on some key successes and learnings from the past year, as well as share a brief outlook for the year ahead.  

Overall, collections were launched for more than 50 different blockbuster movies, TV shows, beverages, sports and other historical/pop culture personalities and fandoms. Likewise, 15+ RSVLTS original collections were dropped, as well as 20+ different product verticals, from ties, to socks, to boxers to flannels and more. 

To the best of our abilities we navigated the pandemic and supply chain woes with nimble planning that ultimately turned some limitations into limitation-ade. While in many instances it might not have been apparent on the surface, there were breakthroughs behind the scenes with production, development, design and other logistics that we’ll be able to leverage further in the coming year.

Additionally, we want to recognize some key growth opportunities and priorities that stretch across a few general categories:  

  • Product development and innovation. Undoubtedly we’ll continue to push forward with any/all forms of R&D and optimization of RSVLTS apparel, accessories and other items based on customer wants and needs. This objective really goes without saying, but still we want to acknowledge it’s always top-of-mind. 
  • Better communications across platforms. Trust us, we hear and read your feedback, and never take it lightly. Beyond the typical channels or forums for comms, we’re dedicated to delivering more information and with emphasis and speed.
  • Technology. Improvements are made regularly, but there are some limitations beyond our control. So instead of making that an excuse, it continues to be a priority at the top of our lists to optimize. 

In addition to these general learnings, it’s also important we build upon the successes as a company, and there were some tremendous accomplishments that happened during 2021. Key highlights include:  

  • Introduced a few new product categories, types, packaging and unlicensed RSVLTS brands, including Women’s Cut Kunuflex shirts, Breakfast Balls, BorlandFlex, Cottonstretch, Good Looks collections AND the new biodegradable eco-packaging mailer bags (with the handles) for product deliveries.
  • Launched a slew of new and exciting licensed properties, including Star Wars, Budweiser, Jurassic Park, Princess Bride, Labyrinth, DC Comics (Wonder Woman & Batman) and many, many more.
  • Formed strategic partnerships and marketing campaigns with like-minded brands, networks and organizations, including Jomboy Media, Savannah Bananas, National Wheelchair Basketball Association, Victus, etc. 
  • Launched Dropzone as an exciting new marketplace for exclusive RSVLTS merch drops. 
  • Regained traction surrounding a few marquee experiential, IRL moments, including official and several unofficial RSVLTS Meet-Ups across the country, Monthly Mashups with Skyline Drive-In Theater, an official sponsorship with The Office Super Fan Festival in Scranton, and becoming an incredible Savannah Bananas collaborator.
  • Introduced our first experiential retail shop with the RSVLTS x Nickelodeon Universe Pop-Up Experience at the American Dream Mall. 
  • Launched and/or reinforced multiple community based initiatives, such as Deployment Boxes, RSVLTS U for NIL college ambassadors and Local Heroes programming
    • Also, s/o RSVLTS Calendar developments - while not officially a RSVLTS program, it was a for-the-people, by-the-people type of initiative born from within the RSVLTS community and that directly benefited the Deployment Boxes, all which we truly, truly appreciate. 
  • Last, and most definitely not the least, RSVLTS Insiders eclipsed the 15K members milestone, which we couldn’t be more proud of the community and are excited to see how it continues to grow.

In looking ahead this year, below are few areas and items we strive to implement and illuminate throughout: 

  • 2022 marks the 10-year anniversary of RSVLTS. Many might not know the brand and company origins, so we’re stoked and extremely proud to showcase that journey.
  • Double-down on more IRL experiences and retail. The vision is more fan fests, Comic-Cons, community meet-ups (far and wide), retail events/locations and other experiences...essentially we remain hopeful to finish what we started in early 2020. 
  • Excellence in customer service. Are we perfect? No. Do we strive for perfection? Absolutely, so to the best of our abilities we’ll continue to provide the best customer service possible in this pursuit. 
  • Scale talent relations and strategic partnerships. Ambassadors, creators, partners, affiliates, influencers…call ‘em what you want, we just want to see more rockin’ RSVLTS. 
  • Further reinforce production, design and technological infrastructures. To help things run smoothly as we grow, expect additional strategic hires to support the business and perhaaaaps a new website might already be in the works.
  • New exciting apparel launches…including RSVLTS originals, basics, some epic licenses, and some fantastic new verticals too. Wait and see, no further context necessary!

As you can see, RSVLTS already has some amazing things planned for the year ahead, so stay tuned for more updates all-around. 

So in close, please join us by raising your glass (we presume you currently have one in hand) to welcome the new year and give thanks to a great 2021. We appreciate all your passion and support, cheers to a fantastic 2022 ahead.