Field Notes

RSVLTS 2024 Calendar of Events & Experiences

Ok, ok, OK! Deep breaths, oh my was that a long year! In total, nearly 20 overall events/cons/expos/shows and experiences, which adds up to approx 58,000 total miles RSVLTS traversed from city-to-city throughout 2023. 

So while this year’s event schedule is officially completed, I guess now we can finally relax, right? NOPE! Forget that noise, the event train shall roll on, and starting right away in the new year, we just keep on truckin! 

We look forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces again, and as always we will also be looking to make some new friends as well! And for all our new U.K. pals, we will see you once again in 2024, so get ready for a full-fledged RSVLTS experience with a Meetup, and all the “Bells & Whistles” as it once has been spoken.

So as we head into the holiday season, definitely make sure to plan your family vacation, summer trip, European holiday, spring break, fall break, or just ask Santa for a getaway to hang out with the best squad this side of the Mississippi. To plan accordingly, below please find a 2024 calendar of events (based on what we know at this moment; subject to change) so you can get ahead of the schedule and meet us here, there and everywhere RSVLTS will dominate again next year. 

What to expect? Join us for a quick hang sesh at the booth, throw back a few beverages and/or grab some wings at a local hotspot, or even better perhaps pop onto our guest list at an epic afterparty that we'll potentially throw during some of these marquee occasions. 

We'll continue to update the calendar if more events are added, and as per usual we will be dropping a Field Notes post in advance of each occasion to give you all the super juicy details, in particular some sneak-peek looks at our exclusive event products and other offerings. 

Important note: the way we show up at each of these occasions might not look exactly like before, could be a completely different experience than how we’ve ever activated previously (e.g. not all events = a booth). So if you have any questions, definitely visit the Events FAQ Help Center, and you also know how to find us across social media to chat as well!

TL;DR, here are the dates and occasions…

RSVLTS 2024 Calendar of Events & Experiences (subject to change)

January -

February (March) -

March - 

April -

May -

June -

July -

August -

September -

October -

November - 

  • TBD

December - 

  • TBD