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Stephen Gebhardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund - How To Support

We’re extremely grateful and appreciative for all the outpouring of love and support related to Steve over the past few weeks, and many continually ask if there are other ways they can support further, however possible. 

To this regard, we want to share more information surrounding The Stephen Gebhardt ’06 Memorial Endowed Scholarship. While the endowed scholarship was initially launched early last week, we also want to convey all the information here for further consideration. 

Most importantly, we want to note that the campaign for the scholarship ends on June 30 at 11:00PM EDT, which at the time of this publishing is nearly 2/3 of the way of reaching the overall goal. 

An endowed fund means that this scholarship in Steve’s name will live on forever. So 100+ years from now, the “Stephen Gebhardt 06’ Memorial Endowed Scholarship” will still be giving scholarships out to students at his beloved alma mater, Seton Hall.

Click the above/below links to go directly to the page to gather more info, and below you can read more background on the memorial scholarship fund from the original message from RSVLTS co-founder, John Tramutolo: 

Hope everyone had a great MDW and thanks so much for the support with our Americana launch. We’ve been working closely with Steve’s family and have finalized the The Stephen Gebhardt ’06 Memorial Endowed Scholarship fund established in memory of Steve, a Seton Hall alumnus who wore his Pirate Pride on his sleeve. 

This endowed scholarship will support students at Seton Hall University through the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Gebhardt family has had a member enrolled in Seton Hall from 2002 all the way up until earlier this month when his sister graduated with a PHD, so this fund is near and dear to the family and will serve as a segue into entrepreneurship for years to come.

We know this amazing group has been looking for an outlet to donate and show love to Steve’s legacy and this is something I don’t think he would have ever dreamt of having his name attached to. He’d wear this with a badge of honor knowing that his life is paving the way for spirited students to venture into a world of the unknown; entrepreneurship.

This is the first of many fundraising initiatives we’ll be implementing that will be going toward Steve’s legacy, his wife and family. There will be meet ups, SG Legacy collections and some more amazing plans we have to honor the big guy.

On a personal note, I want to express my infinite gratitude to this group for not just supporting our internal HQ fam, but the entire Insiders community, by grieving when you want to grieve, but also getting out there and living life to the fullest by truly daring mighty things. Cheers to you all, for Steve.

(note, below image reflects info as of date of publishing: 6/4/24 at Noon ET)