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The Return of RSVLTS Live! - Star Wars Day, May The 4th Edition (UPDATED)

----- UPDATED on 5/1 at 4:00pm ET -----

See below for additional details surrounding tomorrow’s RSVLTS Live! livestreaming experience, all in celebration of the upcoming Star Wars | RSVLTS Collection release at 4pm ET on 5/2!!!

Special guests will include Star Wars actor & designer, Chris Bartlett (“The Mandalorian,” “Ahsoka,” “Obi-Wan” and other shows), various friends from the Thank The Maker Podcast Network (Thank the Maker, Princess & Scoundrel, Dan-O Channel, Hondo Supply, etc.), as well as some legendary members of the 501st Legion

The crew will showcase the new 5/2 Collection, reminisce a little about “The Phantom Menace” and its 25th Anniversary, as well as do a little Q&A based on some audience questions. 

The event will start livestreaming at approx 3:30pm ET via the social channels as mentioned below; if you have any pre-questions for the group in advance, click the following link - @RSVLTS - and submit a question within the RSVLTS Instagram Story as detailed. Let us know what stories, theories and other hokey & ancient things you might want to hear the crew discuss! 

(to be livestreamed across InstagramYouTube & Facebook). 


::cue the "Imperial March" score::

The subject line says it all…and unfortunately that’s about as much as we can say just yet, aside that the force will be strong with this Live! event, which will take place next week on Thursday, May 2 (to be livestreamed across Instagram, YouTube & Facebook). 

Yes, yes, that does mean it will coincide with the release of a new Star Wars | RSVLTS Collection in celebration of the most glorious occasion, hence the Thursday 5/2 release. And yes, Star Wars Day is officially on Saturday 5/4, so who knows what could happen between the 5/2 Live! experience and then…you’d need a force vision to see how it all will eventually play out!

So similar to what we did a few months back and with other RSVLTS Live! experiences, we'll have an epic program that will provide a ton of entertainment surrounding the launch of the collection, which will be chock full of special guests. 

Mark your calendars for RSVLTS Live! MT4 Edition, Thursday 5/2 afternoon ET, and stay tuned for full details early next week - you don't want to miss this event!