Field Notes

11 GIFS That Perfectly Explain The Majesty That Is BorlandFlex™

Hello neighbors! We've spent over a year developing our new flannels. Plainly stated: they're the best flannels in the game. How good are they? Well, here are 11 gifs that perfectly explain the majesty of BorlandFlex™.

When you put it on for the first time and feel that perfect amount of stretch:

And then you feel that incredible cozy goodness in your soul:

When you wash it and wash it and wash it and wash it and this thing never shrinks and the material never changes:

When you flex your back and your raging muscles don't rip the shirt because of that stretch:

...and you bend your elbows:

... and you realize there are no more little side pockets that affected the fit:

You wear it with jeans:

You wear it as an under-layer with a cool jacket:

You tie it around your waist like you're in a 90s music video singing into the wind:


When you throw away all of your other clothes and just keep this flannel for the rest of your life because it's so durable: 

And finally it hits you where the name comes from: