Field Notes

A Very Special Cyber Monday - RSVLTS Cyber Drops

The big day is nigh, the final event that everyone talks about during the BFCM season is upon us, and of course RSVLTS is going big for the Cyber Monday (11/27) occasion as per usual. 

So similar to what we’ve done in the past with some of our previous Cyber Monday hijinks, we’ve got something fun up our sleeves for tomorrow. Three things, to be exact, all by way of Dropzone.  

Wait, Dropzone? Three drops?!...

That’s right - three different drops, three completely separate verticals/formats (one that includes a women’s style shirt), yet all with a very special look based on some classic, fan-favorite designs...and all very limited in quantities. These items will only ever be available tomorrow (11/27) as part of this special RSVLTS Cyber Drops, so once they’re gone, then that’s all folks. 

TL;DR, here’s the deal, three simple steps to gain access to RSVLTS Cyber Drops (11/27) on your mobile device

  1. Download the RSVLTS app, because you absolutely need to do so to get access to the Cyber Drops…so GO HERE NOW to download (iOS & Android) if you haven’t already
  2. Pay attention to your phones throughout the day, starting at Noon ET, because the push notification feature is about to come in real hot and handy (and twice again later in the day…1pm and 2pm)
  3. Check back up to #1 and download the app…this special Cyber Monday event will NOT be available on website

Unfamiliar with Dropzone and how it works/how to access? Read a previous Field Notes post here for a brief backgrounder and key operating tips* & procedures.  

Annnnnd, that’s really all you need to know! However, if you have any other questions, definitely please also check the 2023 Holiday Shopping FAQs within the RSVLTS Help Center for more information. 

It's now time to officially prep for tomorrow, Monday 11/27: do your sit-ups, eat your Wheaties, grab a couple cups of coffee and get ready for the Noon notifications by way of the RSVLTS app you just downloaded, because RSVLTS Cyber Monday is about to make some waves. 

*quick tips: in advance of the drop, do a hard close/refresh of the app before Noon ET, 1pm ET and 2pm ET; for those currently with the app, be sure your app is updated the latest version, we've had to do some de-bugging recently!