Field Notes


Earlier this week, FedEx rejected all of our trade show deliveries for the Surf Expo in Orlando. Never fear, because local Insider Dustin Thomas Hardy stepped up, offered to hold everything for us, and saved our asses. DTH FTW with the neighborly MVP moves!

What else is going on with the Insiders? Good question.

  • The Happiest Shirts on Earth. Laura Lisa Salinas rolled into Disney in style and the Magic Kingdom got even more magical. Your move, Minnie Mouse.
  • Newest member of the Insiders family! Congrats to Zeph Garthright who had a baby girl and dressed her up to already be the coolest baby in town.
  • #RSVLTSPassportChallenge. Ryan Perry is starting a movement. Don't quote us on this, but this is essentially the same thing as Global Entry.
  • RSVLTS Eat Up: Chicago. Chi-town Insider Tony Pino put together an incredible guide to the best food spots in the Windy City for those attending the upcoming Meet Up. Warning: check out the post on a full stomach.