Field Notes

Feel the Force with the Star Wars RSVLTS Performance Hoodies Collection


Try not, just do check out this collection of five previously acclaimed Star Wars RSVLTS patterns, also available in RSVLTS signature KUNUFLEX™ button-downs, now in the RSVLTS ShredFlex™ Performance Hoodie material: light, breathable, soft & comfy fit with four-way stretch

Each performance hoodie retails for $75, available in sizes XS-4XL, for the following designs: “12 Parsecs”, “All Too Easy”, “A Bounty A Day”, “Tale of Two Jedi” and “Beskar Steel” with more designs on the way. Product images below. 

So regardless of where you fall on the lightside/darkside scale - Imperial or Rebel, Sith or Jedi - stay warm and snag them now while they last…it is your destiny.