Field Notes

Happy Gilmore Is A Glimpse At The Future of Breakfast Balls

Our golf brand, Breakfast Balls®, has been on a roll lately! We recently made a splash at the PGA Show in Orlando and had a blast at the Phoenix Open with the Breakfast Balls Insiders community.

We have been working hard on Series Two of the Happy Gilmore collection for over a year, and we feel it's the perfect opportunity to talk about the exciting future of Breakfast Balls®.

Not only will Series Two of Happy Gilmore include several epic Breakfast Balls polos, hats, tees, and RSVLTS KUNUFLEX shirts, but it will also mark the debut of our accessories, including golf club covers and ball markers.

The Breakfast Balls community is thriving, and we see so much potential to grow beyond just polos and quarter-zips. We aim to be a huge brand that makes professional-level products with a fun Breakfast Balls twist. We believe there is a market for this, and Happy Gilmore is only the beginning.

Throughout 2024 and beyond, you can expect more!

Expect robust collections, a Breakfast Balls golf game, additional product development including golf bags (and maybe even the world's greatest golf cart because we dream big), exciting collaborations, more community events, original content, and so much more...Have Another, right?

Happy Gilmore Series Two is just the start. Head over to Breakfast Balls Insiders to join the community and follow along.