Field Notes

RSVLTS “State of the State” Regarding Holiday Shopping, Seasonal Launches, Etc.

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While a bit lengthy, this note details extremely important, time sensitive information and other updates for some RSVLTS product drops and the state of holiday shopping in general. 

As many of you are already aware, supply chain/shipping across the US and abroad is in complete disarray. We’re doing our absolute best to manage all the chaos that many other companies are also currently experiencing and discussing as well. 

And unfortunately, this does mean it's going to carry through the rest of 2021 and overall holiday season this year. For those that haven’t been following along, here’s a recent article that further details the current supply chain issues:

So how does this impact your purchases and some upcoming RSVLTS drops? As such, please expect the unexpected, bear with us as we’re making adjustments daily in real-time, and we hope you can be flexible and open-minded alongside our logistics team. Please know we have staff that are working tirelessly to navigate these murky waters AND we’re also trying to communicate everything to customers as quickly as possible too. 

Immediate case in point: BorlandFlex™

BorlandFlex Collection Drop & Pre-Sale - 11/9

We’ve been amped for months to launch the new colorways dropping today. In fact, the gear has actually been on a boat for what seems like months now, and is still in the queue at the Port of LA. 

Therefore, regarding today’s 4:00pm EST drop, please read: 

•     We have to pre-sale the new BorlandFlex collection with a shipping date - at this exact moment - estimated between 12/01-12/15. You’ll see we’ll be clearly denoting this on the BorlandFlex product page too, and the lookbook, which we will do so for any/all other items as needed as well. 

•     This shipping date could be sooner or later than that estimated window, but either way, we want to be transparent in advance of the sale about the timing. People can choose to purchase items now or later if they’d like, but at least know they should still get to wear these incredible flannels during the colder months ahead. 

•     We dislike putting that all in print as much as you dislike reading it, but legitimately, it’s on one of these boats in the below graphic. As of last week, it was already scheduled to be at the warehouse. As of yesterday, the container is still at bay, its arrival now postponed for weeks. 

So if you’re in LA at the moment, and happen to go to any of the Piers this afternoon, give a big ol’ wave out toward the ocean at those gorgeous flannels sitting in a shipping container. It will be ashore soon enough. 

RSVLTS Seasonal/Holiday Launch Calendar Status

As you all know (and likely have seen from some of the BFCM calendar inserts) our launch calendar is currently packed through the holidays and with an exceptional schedule of seasonal drops planned. Therefore: 

•     While there have been some shifts, all things considered, our plans are to stay the course as much as possible with the current launch calendar, pre-sale only as needed for select items. We truly want you to all enjoy wearing these items during the holidays.

•     For any other seasonal items that arrive after early-ish December, we’ll most likely need to push them to next year’s holiday season. Stay tuned for more on this point at a later date, if needed.

•     Lastly, letting the cat out of the bag a bit, we also want to launch a few key items this calendar year as some of our current property licenses could go away for a bit, which excitingly allows us to open up room for even newer properties! More on this to come on this point at a later date.

General Seasonal Shopping Tips & Suggestions

A few other updates and suggestions related to holiday shopping, which you’ll see and hear us discuss a lot moving forward across all channels: 

•     Shop early. This goes for RSVLTS and beyond, as you’re checking your list and checking it twice. If you see something that you are vibing with, jump all over it. We are expecting a lot of sizes and designs to sell out, and the chances of re-stocks or re-releases are extremely low.

•     Shop local. These physical locations might already have some items on shelves or on its way, so if there’s a store near you that carries RSVLTS, we encourage you to visit their website, pop through in person or give them a call. Here’s a list of retailers that carries RSVLTS for quick reference:

•     Choose expedited shipping. Beating this drum again, all domestic shipping is expected to be behind this season with the higher than normal volume of packages being sent/received. The faster you order and the faster it gets to you, the less you need to stress over the holidays

    All-in-all, there’s no exact science at this point with the supply chain woes, so we’re doing our best to make all things happen despite the logistical challenges and elements that are out of everyone's control.

    However, what we can promise is transparency, consistent communication and a dedication from our team to be nimble with solutions to get your purchases into your hands as quickly as possible.  

    We appreciate your support, and as always, feel free to reach out with any questions. More info can also be found on our FAQ page or email to reach a customer service representative.