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"LAHAINA STRONG”: Charity Shirt + Pre-Sale Details

In light of the recent tragedy that has ravaged the shores of Maui, RSVLTS has been working on a way that we can support those affected by way of a special Kunuflex shirt, and how our community can be involved. 

As you will see in the design, the team - including the designers, whom has direct ties to Hawai’i - really tried to capture the essence of Lahaina in this amazing pattern. It was important to us we had all the design details and donation specifics finalized before launch, which you will see nods to places and experiences in this shirt's design that make Lahaina so special. 

And that is why we are pleased to unveil the completed design work on a special shirt that we are making available for purchase so everyone can order, with proceeds going to those most in need in Lahaina/Maui and overall recovery efforts. 

All proceeds generated will go directly to the Maui Strong Fund (part of the Hawaii Community Foundation). 

Please note this design will be available on pre-sale! The pre-sale window is now open, Friday 9/8 at 4pm ET and will close on Monday 9/11 at 6pm ET.

Important purchasing/ordering details (PLEASE READ): 

  • Like previous pre-sales, these items will be made to order and will come with a turnaround time of 8-10 weeks.
  • Please only purchase this design, and do not combine with other purchases; as this order will only ship once the pre-sale item is ready.

So without further ado, we would like to introduce everyone to the beautiful "LAHAINA STRONG”- KUNUFLEX Short Sleeve Shirt, which will be available in both classic (unisex) and women's style button-downs. 

RSVLTS "Lahaina Strong" Kunuflex Details
In Hawaiian, “Ho'omau” means to persevere, to carry-on and to never give up especially when the going gets tough. More then ever this sentiment speaks to the spirit of people of Maui and also the RSVLTS community.

Some back story: Lahaina, Maui, is a beloved location by locals and visitors worldwide for its beaches, restaurants, shops and rich history that spanned over a thousand years.

Recently, destructive wildfires damaged many parts of the island, but struck this seaside town the hardest, leaving 80% of its structures in ashes. At least 115 people have perished and hundreds are still missing. This is the largest natural disaster in Hawai’i’s history and the deadliest wildfire in the nation’s last 100 years. The people impacted are suffering indescribable loss and grief, having lost homes, livelihoods, and in some cases... loved ones.

As you will see in the design, the team really tried to capture the essence of Lahaina in this amazing design. You will see nods to places and experiences in this shirts design that make Lahaina so special: 

  • The Lahaina’s Banyan Tree - The beloved 150 year old tree is thought to be the largest Banyan tree in the United States and covers nearly 2 acres. It was planted in 1873 and has been lovingly shaped by the Lahaina residents to form a symmetrical canopy for many luau feasts, ceremonial gatherings and recreational activities. Though damaged, the tree has miraculously survived the fire and has become a symbol of hope for the community.
  • Front Street - The scenic seafront Main Street and focal point of the historic district, was once a major whaling port and fishing town. This lively walking area features many shops, restaurants, bars and galleries frequented by both locals and tourists.
  • Royal Capital Sign - Before uniting the Hawaiian Islands, King Kamehameha declared Lahaina the Royal Capital of the Kingdom of Hawai'i. It remained the seat of the government for 50 years until permanently relocating to Honolulu.
  • Pioneer Mill Co. Smokestack & Locomotive Exhibit - The iconic smokestack is a remnant of one of Hawai'i's first sugar mills. It was a mainstay of West Maui's economy for 139 years. The steam-powered heritage Sugar Cane Train was very popular amongst the tourists who visited the area. Luckily, this attraction appears to have survived the fire.
  • Additional items - other local area items detailed throughout the design include: humpback whales, hula dancers, surfers and the official flower of Maui, The Lokelani.

        We are very pleased to share this with all of you and we hope you are just as excited to add this to your closet, which all will help toward a good cause.

          Once again though, we thank you all again for your kind thoughts and making this a possibility!