Field Notes

Introducing...RSVLTS Women's 2.0 KUNUFLEX Short Sleeve Shirts - Sizing Chart

The people have spoken since the launch of the inaugural women's cut a few months back, and after additional rounds of careful research and development, based on all feedback, we’re excited to announce and introduce the new Women’s 2.0 cut Kunuflex shirts. 

The newest 2.0 product has been completely redesigned and revamped to look like our classic button-downs, but fit like a traditional women's top. Other features include: 

  • A collar-point button and traditional sleeves so you're ready for every situation—casual, formal, super formal, crazy casual, etc.
  • The torso features a slight curve to give a subtle hourglass shape in the waist
  • Overall length is longer than the 1.0 Women's Cut to offer more coverage and flexibility 

Keep your eyes peeled and ears on the ground for future drops and collections featuring the 2.0 Women's Cut. Tuck them in, tie them up, wear them as they come, you know the drill - you do you when it comes to rocking your style!

For closer reference, see below for additional sizing chart specs (charts also available in the description section for all related product pages):