Field Notes

Introducing: The Breakfast Balls Arizona Open Capsule Collection

Sprint out of the gate as fast as you can, because it’s time for the inaugural Breakfast Balls Arizona Open Capsule Collection

Introducing the first small-scale golf capsule by Breakfast Balls, which includes some splendid Southwestern inspired artwork, epic iconography, and a few other select easter eggs hidden across an All-Day Polo, Q-Zip, snapback hat and a brand new item - a driver headcover - to, well…drive it all home. 

It’s a golf collection so magnificent that upon one glimpse it will have the whole gallery in an uproar, ready to raise the roof higher and harder than that one time back in '97. Ohhhh, you know the shot, you know it well ::fist pump::

Snag a full glimpse of the capsule below.

Oh yeah, and did you happen to hear about the first annual Breakfast Balls Invitational Meet-Up taking place in a few Scottsdale, Arizona? Check out more information via the previous Field Notes post and below, we hope to see you out there!