Field Notes

John's Wicks: A RSVLTS Candle Experience

Whoa. Yes, it’s April’s Fools Day… however, like everyone has seen in the past, we take our tomfoolery (johnfoolery?!) quite seriously. 

First, during Covid, it was the Joe Exotic-inspired gag design that turned into an actual product. Then last year we dropped The Nighthawk, a Grandpa Joe or Ebenezer Scrooge style nightshirt that included a sleeping cap and 1800s era candle wick holder. If you haven't seen the Nighthawk photoshoot at RSVLTS HQ, it is glorious.

So, what are we cooking up this year? Back in mid-2022 our friend Chad from Seton Hall gave up the 9-5 and bought a candle factory in New Jersey.

He invited us down to check things out. I don't know if we were getting high off the fumes or if the all-American manufacturing inspired us, but naturally (or unnaturally), the creative juices started flowing...

The original idea was to make an April Fool's candle brand, because making candles is just so far out of our wheelhouse and kind of ridiculous, so it just felt funny and apropos for the occasion.

But when Chad sent us a batch of sample scents, we started thinking there could be something more to this than originally intended. If his company can be the official candle manufacturer of several 5-Star hotel lobbies across America, why can't he be the candle manufacturer of RSVLTS?

After some extreme candle science, branding design meetings, and an April 1st deadline crunch, John's Wicks was born!

The first small batch run comes in two delightfully dark, brooding, and intoxicating varieties - Vengeance & The Continental - each available in limited quantities. 

Vengeance includes woodsy notes of cedar and oak, with a touch of eucalyptus, while The Continental includes deep, smoky undertones and a top note of leather. Subliminally, both have been infused with the delicate and subtle essence of revenge to heighten the senses. Actual vengeance not included. 

We cannot confirm nor deny that additional Wicks offerings and experiences could be on the horizon but what we can say is John's Wicks is supporting a fellow entrepreneur and you're going to want to jump on this legendary set of John’s Wicks candles while they last, because just like any villain’s gang of henchmen, they won’t be around for very long. 

John's Wicks launches April 1 at 12:00 PM ET here>>