Field Notes

Let's Talk About The Shining and Collector’s Edition Drops

This week, we launched The Shining x RSVLTS. It was a collaboration long in the making, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the film. We released fewer shirts than normally (as a nod to the terrors of room 237) and those shirts all came with a unique Collector’s Edition Overlook Hotel numbered room key. We’ve never done something like this before, but we know the collector angle is something people are really passionate about. We were excited to try it out but, honestly, we just hoped people would think it was cool.

Well, the release went… well. So well, in fact, that it sold out faster than almost any launch in our history. We’re pumped that people are loving the collection and that the collector’s model seems to be something people are excited about. We also recognize that with limited inventory and a product in demand, that means a lot of people weren’t able to nab a shirt. Of course, we never want to keep people from getting the gear they love, but with a Collector’s Edition line, rarity is the name of the game. If everyone has one, it’s no longer rare or a collectible.

But, for all you diehard fans of The Shining, I have some good news. We had a few extra shirts produced in case of lost or damaged items during shipping. We're going to drop these remaining shirts at several retail stores that carry RSVLTS. Note: these are not Collector’s Edition. They will not come with the unique Overlook Hotel numbered room key, but you can still get a shirt to rep one of the great all time horror films!

They will be available at the following Scheels locations: Overland Park, Iowa City, Omaha, Eden Prairie, The Colony, Johnstown, Cedar Falls, Fargo, Sioux Falls, Bismarck, Rochester, Great Falls, Billings, Saint Cloud, Appleton.

We also don’t want to cheapen the experience for those who were lucky enough to score an original Collector’s Edition shirt at launch. So, all of you room key holders are officially invited to join the Overlook Hotel VIP Guest List, where your name will forever be enshrined in REDRUM glory.

If you have a Collector’s Edition room key, head to: Room 237 Club. There, we will take some information to verify you’re an official member. Welcome to the club, go meet Lloyd at the bar for a drink.

We see plenty of opportunities to do these limited-edition collections in the future,  thinking 1 of 100 Signature Series designs with actors in our properties or more Meet Up specific designs or 1 of 1 items for our remarkable insiders or The Shining style limited drops, so stay turned. We’ll do everything we can to learn from each one to make the experience continuously better. We love our RSVLTS Insiders and can’t wait to keep bringing you rad new apparel for years to come. Now, get ready to hop in the snowcat and head to Scheels.