Field Notes

Let's Call It "Testing Day"

The glorious debut of the app, a day where I attempted to unload some of the products that showed up in the warehouse, was a dumpster fire.

The RSVLTS App works fine when there is very even keel traffic but with any pop in volume it goes haywire. Still trying to figure out if it's a hosting issue (likely and trying to fix) or the app tech itself.

A great Insiders philosopher named Doug W. said, "I get the frustrations. Pain is part of growth," and he really hit the nail on the head.

The app is going to be big for the future of RSVLTS. The same way we didn't need another Facebook page but decided to launch RSVLTS Insiders anyway. Or, we had nice jobs but decided to quit anyway to start a business. Or, how Pete and I post a Daily Chat on Reddit everyday. I know in my gut it's something special and the future -- I've explained some of the goals of the app many times in the past -- but it is also a classic Catch-22. We need to test the app at scale to see if it's stable but can't test it at scale without turning everyone against us. 

Consider this is my official apology for the frustration of the app. But I also know there is real potential and some light at the end of the tunnel and I am not giving up.

Laura Lisa Salinas suggested something cool called Testing Day! On testing day we know there are going to be glitches, but we all keep an open mind, and use it as an opportunity to give us feedback (I know... I know... another Google Form for the freakin' app).

Today should have been a Testing Day but I like to shoot from the hip. So let's rewind and call today the first Testing Day. If the app completely sucks for you please fill out this feedback form and include screen shots for bonus points. 

Just know, we are trying our best, with the app and otherwise, and eventually (hopefully soon) it'll be running glitch free. 


Here is the link to the feedback form: