Field Notes

Our Plan To Create A Better Community Environment on Insiders

We need to ensure the group never loses the fun, upbeat, positivity we’ve all come to know and love as RSVLTS continues to grow. 

I don’t want it to be a bubble wrapped safe space that doesn’t allow for freedom of speech, but we can all agree that Insiders is at it’s best when we have a welcoming environment where everyone is treated with respect. 

There have recently been a few instances that led to spritely conversation. We wanted to craft a thoughtful, measured response and an action plan to promote a better community environment.

There is no need for anyone to ever feel uncomfortable while on Insiders. That might be the most obvious thing I’ve said in 2020 so far but what good is talk without a plan, amiright? 

With that in mind, we created a plan on how to ensure there is a high standard on RSVLTS Insiders as we continue to grow.

Our Plan To Create A Better Community Environment on Insiders

1. We will add more keyword alerts to the Insiders group settings. This is a level one catch all so our team will get notified when people use nasty or offensive language. We can then review and consider moderation.

2. We need to do a better job vetting new members and ensuring that everyone reads and agrees to the rules. It’ll probably involve hiding a password in rules and unless the person requesting access writes the passcode they get rejected because they clearly didn't review the rules.

3. Biggest one: Rewrite the rules. The Offensive Speech and Positivity Only rule will be modified to include a zero-tolerance policy, for sexism, racism and bullying. It’ll become a bannable offense. We should have done this a long time ago but as with everything in life and business, we need to learn and adapt.

4. Do a post asking all group members to review the page rules. 

So, point number 4. Everyone needs to take a moment and read over the rules. I pasted them below and they can also be seen here.

Again, I want to reiterate. Healthy debates are natural and awesome, but kindness and positivity is required. 

RSVLTS Insiders Rules

Use the design suggestion thread

We love your ideas, we just don’t love spamming people’s feeds. If your brain is weaving up the next great RSVLTS shirt or collection, comment on the design thread pinned post. We check it regularly.

No cursing or offensive speech

Please keep the damn cursing to a minimum. Seriously though, we have a zero-tolerance policy for hateful, sexist, racist, bullying or derogatory language. It is a bannable offense. Be cool.

Be Kind and Courteous. Positivity Only.

We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness and positivity is required. There is no need to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

No customer support request posts

Want to know more about merchandise, shipping, tracking, technical issues, or that sort of thing? Shoot an email to Our team will happily work with you on anything RSVLTS related.

What happens in Insiders, stays in Insiders

Please don't share things we (or others) post inside of here, outside of here. To keep things, do not share App Exclusive details on Insiders or anywhere else. Respect the Sacred Oath of the Insiders.

Get that spam outta here

Avoid any self promo for a business or your social media. No non-RSVLTS outside sales links, non-RSVLTS product-specific content or trojan horsing other brands into posts. C’mon, we’re right here.

Politics-free zone

Since we don't affiliate with a specific party—and politics can get divisive—no posts that support a political party or candidate. Let’s keep it to things like pickling The Beast and awesome attire.

Respect everyone's privacy

Being in this group means mutual trust. Authentic discussion is what makes it great, but it relies on privacy and respect. No doxing, sharing members’ personal details, or bullying. Again, be cool.

Buy, Sell, Trade

Please use the Buy, Sell, Trade group. That’s it. That’s the whole rule.
The secret password is "Dare Mighty Things."

No spoilers

Don't ruin the fun. Our designers and creatives work very hard to do epic things so if you know something that everyone else doesn't please don't spoil the surprise. Thanks!