Field Notes

PARTY TIME EVE - RSVLTS Beer Swap & Hoboken Meet-Up Overview

Welp, it’s about that time to steam the KUNUs, lace up the ol' dancin shoes and put on your best pier-issued party pants, because THEE weekend is nigh. 

In the infamous and most eloquent words of Jay “The Great” Gatsby, dropping some wisdom that shall forever echo into the depths of eternity: let's get a party going (let's get a party going!). Because when it's time to party, we will always party hard.”

Or perhaps it was Wayne Campbell and/or Andrew WK that delivered that canon, it’s hard to tell, we can't keep it straight anymore, but regardless the origin...the sentiment still stands. 

Oh yeah...with all the festivities at play, no Dropzone or Nick Vault today/tomorrow! 

A few little reminders/tidbits for each event tonight and tomorrow: 

Friday 5/21 RSVLTS Beer Swap at Departed Soles (7:00pm EST; Jersey City) - pretty straightforward event, those already planning to attend should have all the details already, received confirmation of their tickets, etc. 

The trunk showcase/sale of RSVLTS awesomeness should be pure awesomeness, so be sure to bring cash (easiest, quickest, preferred method of payment), but if not...we’ll have other means to purchase. 

The RSVLTS Pier Beer by Departed Soles (pictured; not final design) will also be on-site to purchase this evening, which will also be available at Pier 13 during the Meet-Up. Dang is it tasteeee. 

Saturday 5/22 RSVLTS Meet-Up at Pier 13 (12:00pm EST doors; 11:30am check-in; Hoboken)- for those that RSVP’d, stay on the lookout for an email with a ton more details.

And reminder - this event is open to EVERYONE since it's a public venue, the RSVP part is just for merch. 

Essentially here’s the truncated, TL;DR instructions for when you arrive at Pier 13: 

  • Plan to arrive a little early (but not too early; at your discretion of course); 
  • RSVP check-in (with ID) begins at 11:30am. PLEASE BE COOL AND ORDERLY, and line-up accordingly so we can get everyone inside as quickly as possible. RSVLTS staff and signage will be present to assist with this process.
  • Pier 13 opens at Noon, so after the RSVP check-in process, you’ll get into the Pier 13 queue to get your wristband.
  • Party Time. Excellent. 

All full event overview details can be found in the original Field Note posts for the Friday Beer Swap at Departed Soles and Saturday Hoboken Meet-Up at Pier 13 as needed, but guessing y’all are already set...AND probably didn't read this far down either, Fitzgerald. 

See you out there!