Field Notes

RSVLTS Pays Tribute to NASA's "Dare Mighty Things" Binary Easter Egg

When NASA sent its Perseverance rover from the Mars 2020 mission to the red planet, they slyly sent a secret message alongside. Essentially, the colored strips on the parachute that helped Perseverance safely touch down acted as a binary code, spelling out the words DARE MIGHTY THINGS.

And just like that, a RSVLTS flag was planted on Mars.

Read about the decoded message on Reddit

So with that happenstance, knowing our mantra was being flashed to martians we damn well couldn't sit back and watch without making a shirt to honor that glorious moment in human (and martian) history.

Designed with the help of artist Matt Neary, this aptly named red, white, and blue KUNUFLEX™ button down features the rover parachutes over a binary code background design that spells out, you guessed it: DARE MIGHTY THINGS.

There are so many levels to this all it's wild, which means you're going to blow people's minds into deep space when they ask about the details of your shirt.

Check out more references below and background story in this New York Times article: