Field Notes

Earth Day & RSVLTS x The Office “Recyclops” Debut

Celebrate Earth Day this year with RSVLTS by snagging our first-ever shirt made from recycled materials...and in honor of your favorite planet-conscious super/anti-hero: Recyclops! 

Yup, you read that correctly...both things, to be exact. 

Building upon the tradition RSVLTS has launched over the past few years for Earth Day (2021 and 2022), where we've instituted some additional environmental friendly items/solutions to the best of our abilities, our product development wunderkinds got back in the lab to develop a recycled version of KUNUFLEX material that originally started as plastic bottles.  

So essentially, same great look and feel as your standard KUNUFLEX™ release, this time fully recycled (which the nifty eco-hangtag will also tell you; see below pic). We're trying our best to do our part as much as possible. 

As if that wasn't incredible enough, launching tomorrow (4/22) at 4:00pm ET, grab the new "Recyclops" KUNUFLEX™ button-down from The Office x RSVLTS. Not only will the environment thank you, but Dwight (ah-hem, Recyclops) will most likely spare your life. Well, at least until his fictional planet is attacked by some other fictitious thing and he vows to destroy the planet he once loved, but you knew that much already. 

And remember, PSA: be conscious about over-watering your lawn, because gosh darnit, Recyclops will find you!