Field Notes

RSVLTS & 2021 “Dundies” Awards (aka The ‘VLTIES)

“The Dundies are about the best that’s in every one of us…”                                -Michael Scott

In honor of today’s Dropzone rendition of the “Dundies” (short sleeve Kunu, see below) - one of the greatest episodes of “The Office” of all-time - we couldn’t help but also reflect back on the past year within the RSVLTS halls...and want to share a little appreciation amongst our own staff and in a similar manner. 

If you haven't seen the episode (S2; E1), go watch it immediately!

It would be impossible to mention every member of the RSVLTS staff, however a few awards basically just wrote themselves. So without further ado, we present you with the first annual ‘VLTIES Awards. Enjoy! 

[theme music]: na-na, na, na, na-na-na/gettin’ ‘VLTIE wit it

  • Jetsetter Award: Steve - most likely to be in Sri Lanka on Monday, Saskatchewan on Tuesday and Shanghai on Wednesday
  • Zoom MC Award: DTH - for being a true entertainer and digital Master of Ceremonies...have you signed up for his Christmas Trivia yet?!
  • Best Pipes Award: Kenny - for all his incredible karaoke endeavors from Savannah to Chicago to Albuquerque and to we presume the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro too
  • Dog Lover Award: Katie - because only dogs appear on her pet taxonomy know, domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species...all dogs
  • How The West Was Won Award: David - from Vegas to Austin to likely Manhattan (one day), the guy truly loves his In-N-Out
  • Hollywood Award: Carolyn - she lives in LA and is a rockstar with the studios
  • Best Rack Award: Iulian - for being a true trickshot pool shark
  • Most Likely To Slip An “OU” Into Words Award: Carissa - for being our most favourite Australian evah, with the best humour!
  • Brother Stuff Award: Chris & Scotty Joyce - for being brothers and stuff
  • The “CFO Don” Award: Don - for having the most literal gangster play-on-words title/name combo ever
  • Fabulous Food & Drink Award: Hsin - she throws great dinner & cocktail parties (still waiting for the invite…)
  • Wu Tang Award: John - Staten, baby! (also, the “What We Do In The Shadows” Award was already taken)
  • Springsteen Award: Jackie - her dog’s name is Bruce and he also rocks
  • Apparel Passport Award: Natalia - for masterfully keeping track of where on Earth are the dang shirts
  • Marvelous Mug Award: Pete - for appearing in product photos & marketing every other week and being the only staffer to have his mug on a hat