Field Notes

RSVLTS 2021 Gatsby Collection - Lookbook

Ahhhhhhhhhh, yezzzz, such a distinguished apparel collection, yeeezzzzzzz. 

::sips gin rickey, pinky up::

Alas, below please find a glimpse of this season's Gatsby collection - “The Carraway” & “Party Animals” - both in long-sleeve formats, because shirts of this caliber are most definitely par for the course for any social/NYE activities during this timeframe. 

Even for those in warmer climates, pop those sleeve-buttons and give ‘em a stylish master roll (Google it, if you don’t know) to ensure your already elevated shirt game becomes a true beacon of sartorial fashion among your peers or anyone within eyeshot.

As always, monocles optional, top hats mandatory. 

Stay safe and classy out there!