Field Notes

RSVLTS 2023 Los Angeles Comic Con - Everything You Need To Know!

Los Angeles Comic Con (LACC) is right around the corner and the RSVLTS crew will be taking over the City of Angels (Convention Center, Downtown) in style to celebrate all the pop culture lifestyle and fandemonium with 100,000+ other Con superfans! 

See below for all event details and a preview of the exclusive items that will be available for sale at the RSVLTS booth - we hope to see you out there! 

Oh, and so you can get ahead of alllllll the action next year, stay tuned for the 2024 schedule of events & experiences to post shortly after this upcoming weekend as well! All information will be included within the Events FAQ section within the site Help Center, which we do update often. 

Where is the RSVLTS Booth?

We’re located in the South Hall, Booth #1241, which is adjacent from the main stage...pretty much front & center of the hall, just a few rows over.  

You’ll need to download the official LACC app here to better pinpoint the booth and see the full resolution map, but below will give you a good idea of the location in the South Hall (hint: we're where the RSVLTS logo* is below). 

*RSVLTS logo above not to scale of actual booth size, but you get the gist...YOU CAN'T MISS US!

What products will be available at the booth?

We could tell ya, but the below menu board of exclusive Kunuflex™ button-downs will just give everything even more visual justice! 

RSVLTS Family Photo & Other Booth Jazz...

There will NOT be a team meet-up on the books, nor any sort of special booth meet & greets this year during LACC, however the crew will definitely be around for some drinks one night after the show. In the famous words of the infamous Bill O’Reilly, “we’ll do it live!,” so swing by and we can all figure out what’s good. 

--- RSVLTS Family Photo ---

See below for all the details for the customary RSVLTS Family Photo - Insiders and beyond - anyone is always welcome:

  • Date: Saturday, December 2
  • Time: 1:00pm PT sharp
  • Place: RSVLTS Booth #1241

Andddd, that’s all folks! We're closing down an incredible 2023 on the events front with a nice little bow, we loved and appreciated everyone that's come out to all the Cons, Expos and other experiences throughout the year. We shared some incredible laughs, bevvies and tons of memories together, get ready for even more action ahead in 2024!