Field Notes

RSVLTS Dropzone: Your Questions, Answered.

It’s been a minute. Let’s chat RSVLTS Dropzone and answer some lingering questions:

  • The Dropzone and its Drops are alive and well, back tomorrow!
  • As you may already know, we won’t do Friday Drops on weeks where we crack open the Nickelodeon x RSVLTS Vault. That’s too much heat. We don’t wanna melt your phones.
  • Additionally, not every single Friday will have a Drop. We love the mayhem as much as you, but we also want to let everyone breathe and give your wallets a little break when possible. 
  • We’ll do our best to let you know when there is or is not a drop. We dropped the ball on that a few times, our bad. Playing hard to get is cool on dates, bad for Drops. Noted. 
  • Sometimes, there will be extremely limited quantities. For instance, if we were to release a “Warehouse Finds” (Hint. HINT. HINT!!!) drop of small amounts of classic items we find lying around the warehouse, we’ll make that very clear and obvious (wink). 
  • Some brand new designs have already found their way into the Dropzone. That won’t go away. Whales are fun. New Whales are also equally as fun. We may even sneak in some new product types beyond shirts, things you’ve never seen before. Keepin’ y’all on your toes.
  • Back to the Whale thing. Yes, we’ll be sprinkling in some of the absolute all-time bangers here and there. Not too often. Don’t get too worked up or greedy, mis amigos. Don’t need an Augustus Gloop situation on our hands here.

We appreciate you all joining the journey. See you in the 'ZONE.