Field Notes

RSVLTS Goin' Bananas...and Beyond!

While RSVLTS does many collaborations of all shapes, sizes, sports, fandoms and otherwise, we have to say that baseball has always played a prominent part within our DNA, and in many ways was part of the RSVLTS origin story.  

So when this opportunity to work with The Savannah Bananas recently came to our attention, by way of our amazing partners in Jomboy Media, we had to snap into action for the creation of this limited edition Kunuflex...even if that meant a very quick turnaround to make it all happen.

And the collaboration made so much sense, not only because the Bananas are a fun, kickass baseball organization that couldn’t be more RSVLTS in spirit, but moreover and most importantly because we felt this collab was bigger than us all, and which could also make an impact in some people's lives. 

That is, and will always be, truly awesome. 

And also note we’ve absolutely heard from a bunch of RSVLTS Insiders (and beyond) mentioning their local and/or favorite MiLB and independent league teams that we should also consider doing a collaboration of sorts. We hear you loud and clear, and definitely keep those suggestions coming, because you know...stay tuned. 😉

So for the time being, we sincerely appreciate you all going Bananas with us all on this adventure - we hope to see you at a game and/or your Kunus in the stands throughout the summer!

And for those just joining, below is a quick synopsis of the collaboration, which as we mentioned truly has a ton of meaning behind its creation.


Minor League Baseball took a big hit in 2020. With over 40 teams across the country cut from the system, many players suddenly found themselves without a job. But the Savannah Bananas have something to say about that.

The Bananas, a team in the collegiate, wood-bat Coastal Plain League, is forming a "Premier Team" of paid players and are holding tryouts for players across the country. And this team is bringing the ruckus. We're talkin' bat flips, we're talkin' mohawks, we're talkin' shotgunning beers. It's the true spirit of baseball.

To help with this noble cause, a limited-edition Savannah Bananas x RSVLTS button down—made from RSVLTS' signature, soft and stretchy KUNUFLEX™ fabric—will be available for a limited edition pre-sale (48hrs only), with all proceeds headed back to help fund traveling players and their host families.

And alongside the bad boys of baseball media over at Jomboy ready to help blow this thing out of the water, we're shedding light on those teams and players keeping the heart of America's past time beating.