Field Notes

RSVLTS Labor Day Weekend Spectacular - 2x RSVLTS Points

In honor of this national holiday, which has a ton of historical background we should continue to recognize today, RSVLTS want to make sure y’all at home also have an opportunity to get a little sumptin’ during the occasion while hopefully relaxing this weekend. 

Furthermore, on a lesser cultural note, the weekend also somewhat is known for sadly signifying the end of summer...if you subscribe to that jazz, of course. Because, instead, RSVLTS gonna absolutely look past that societal technicality, and charge forth into the night with pleasant weather and beverages & BBQs and cannonballs galore, all while fully sporting our best white pants and shirts to the fullest of our heart’s desires. 



So back to the RSVLTS LDW deal, here’s everything you need to know in a nutshell, which runs starting from today 9/3 at 4:00pm EST and goes through Monday 9/6 late evening

  • 2x RSVLTS Points on purchases
  • To be clear: every dollar spent and paid on the purchase of RSVLTS products will earn double points
  • To be even clearer: if a discount code is used, and it brings the cost of products down (say from $65 to $50), you’ll get double points on the final discounted price (sooo, $50 not the $65)
  • Customers must have an active RSVLTS Rewards account prior to purchase to receive those precious 2X Points - so make sure to sign up in advance
  • Must be logged in with the email address associated with your RSVLTS Rewards account to receive 2X Points on purchases
  • Points cannot be added retroactively
  • The 2X Points offer is only active during the eligible promotion window, specifically: Friday 9/3/21, 4 PM EST - Tuesday, 9/7/21, 2:59 AM EST

Go get’em, tigers and tigresses - have a happy, safe and wonderful LDW.