Field Notes

RSVLTS NYCC 2022: Everything You Need to Know!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you the following news bulletin: RSVLTS was able to score a last-minute invite to New York Comic Con, October 6-9 at the Javits Center in NYC!

In keeping true to recent Con/Fest/Expo protocol, we put together a quick FAQ page for everyone we'll be seeing in NYC, as well as for those following all the action from home. 

In terms of other Cons/Festivals, we're already scheming much ahead into 2023 and beyond so we can make announcements where we plan to pop-up/host experiences - and wellllllll in advance too - in the calendar year so people can make plans accordingly if they want to travel/join our crew in all the adventures.

That said, we're going to make a few additional announcements in the coming week or so for two additional Cons/Festivals where RSVLTS will be appearing in late October and early December, so stay tuned for that news.

Until then, back to NYCC...

Where is the RSVLTS Booth?

RSVLTS will have a fantastic presence at NYCC within the main hall - Booth #1961 to be precise.

What does the booth look like?

We’re once again stoked to show a few preview booth renderings (shirts shown are FPO from D23)…so if you're going to be walking the NYCC halls, definitely mark it down on your list to visit!

Note the final booth will likely appear slightly different IRL (such as a more textured blue wall graphic, other accoutrements, etc.), but nonetheless wanted to share an advance glimpse. We'll continue to send more photo/video footage throughout the weekend.

Oh yeah, Shriner will have a fresh new "line sign" too...see below picture for his Tron-inspired "end of line" sign he rocked at D23, always a hit. 

What products will be available at the booth?

Since this was a last minute breakthrough - we really didn't think it would be possible since they were at capacity - we will not be able to drop any exclusives at NYCC. However, the event will feature some new items that may/may not drop during Spooky Season, perhaps a special first-to-market item (wink wink), and some all-time greatest hits.

Unlike SDCC & D23, where we had to stick to an overarching theme and licensing umbrella, this booth for NYCC will feature the full force of RSVLTS catalog, which will be a great opportunity for us to introduce a swarm of new people to the brand.

Items that will be available at the booth include:

  • Nickelodeon
  • Chucky (wink)
  • Goonies
  • Nightmare Before Christmas (wink)
  • Marvel
  • Coco (wink)
  • Star Wars
  • Rick and Morty
  • TMNT (wink wink)

Who will be attending?

Pretty much everyone from the RSVLTS crew will be there in some capacity, and likewise, Nate - aka Paging Mr. Morrow - from the extended RSVLTS Universe, will also be making the adventure to NYCC, so keep an eye out for him and be sure to follow RSVLTS on all social channels for updates!

What are we missing?

If you have any other questions, reach out to us on the socials so we can update this blog. If you're attending the NYCC, make sure you stop by booth #1961 to say hi!