Field Notes

RSVLTS Scavenger Hunt: The Road To Catalina

It's The F*$&ing Catalina Wine Mixer

Friends, the day of reckoning is upon us. Take to your majestic, translucent steeds shooting flaming arrows and head down the road less traveled. The road... to Catalina.

The most sought after RSVLTS shirt of all time—the officially licensed Step Brothers "Road to Catalina" KUNUFLEX™ short sleeve shirt—is back!

But, it's not that simple. You see, when we first created this design, we simply wanted to make a shirt about a movie we loved. What it led to, we were not expecting. No product in our history has drawn more affection or generated more customer service requests than RTC. So, we wanted to do this big. 

We stashed a bunch of "Road to Catalina" shirts at some retail stores across the country. Here's the catch: they won't be available at every store. It's up to you to find them. Check the store locator, call around, talk to your fellow RSVLTS Insiders, and find those f*$&ing shirts!

The scavenger hunt starts tomorrow, September 19th. Stores carrying the shirts will make them available at 11 AM ET.


•  Don't message our customer service czar, Pete. This is a in-store experience and has no control over anything. He'll just be drinking IPAs, watching the madness from afar.
•  Shirts are not at every single store that carries RSVLTS products. Make sure to call stores or visit the RSVLTS Insiders Facebook page and discuss with the community to figure out which stores are participating. No need to waste gas on trips to stores that may not have it.
•  Stores will not be accepting phone orders or shipping items. In-store purchase only.
•  Stores will not accept sales before 11 AM ET on Sept 19, 2020.