Field Notes

RSVLTS Spooky Season - Launches & Dropzone Details

‘Tis the season...THE SPOoOoOoOoKY SEASON, of course. 

As today marks the start of it all, we’re thrilled to debut quite an incredible and universally dastardly/creepy/spooky/scary/demonic/horror-iffic lineup of collections throughout September and October, dropping some all-time classic movies, shows and a few RSVLTS originals along the way.  

The launches will take place across all the usual forums and formats - desktop, mobile and app - and will include Dropzone Drops too, the latter of which will be ONLY spooky season specific for the entire month of September (each Friday at Noon EST, of course) and will only be available as app exclusives

To shed a little more light on the most eerie of occasions, check out the following Drops collection page for additional details:

Oh yeah...and keep your bloody eyes peeled for bad ol’ Dr. FrankenTeddy on RSVLTS social as well. He’s been in his la-BOR-a-tory brewing up some really bone-chilling things for you all. 

So who’s ready? We’ll be riiiiiight back, first gotta fetch something from the basement and/or in the abandoned sleep-a-way campgrounds.