Field Notes

RSVLTS x Back To The Future Collection Series II - Lookbook

As the “Great Scott” week continues to roll along, we’re back in action with the newest series from RSVLTS coveted “Back To The Future” collection.

The series II collection features three Kunus and one t-shirt, "Hey McFly," "Hover Conversion," "Enchantment Under The Sea" and "Rhythmic Ceremonial Ritual" respectively, which are fun, deep-series references/creations in honor of one of the greatest American franchises of all-time (IYKYK with the easter egg t-shirt and reference). 

Also, word in the halls is we also have another very special BTTF standaLONE accessory that will be dropping in the coming weeks, which will get its own moment to shine - stay tuned for more. 

Lastly, shout-out to models, Abby & Matt (and Olivia & Gracie), for bringing our ideal photoshoot vision to life in all its 50s style glory at a local diner in St. Augustine, FL. Additionally, kudos to Abby’s entire Flagler College classmates for a ton of other creative items they produced behind the scenes. More on this programming down the line, but some incredible items the class created might start to surface across RSVLTS marketing/social media down the line. 

Lookbook below - enjoy!