Field Notes

RSVLTS x “Batman” Series II Collection - Lookbook

Once again RSVLTS is beyond excited to launch its second series dedicated to one of the greatest superheroes of all-time, regardless of comic house or origin: Theeee Batman.   

This mega, six Kunuflex collection truly features a little something for everyone in terms of overall design aesthetics: houndstooth (errrr, batfang) prints, gadgets galore, throwback comic panels, blended “little Wayne” faces, and more. 

Additionally, regarding format, all six items - “Cape Crusader,” “Batfang,” “Little Wayne,” “Funny Papers,” “Batprints” and “Sundown on Gotham” - will be available in the regular unisex Kunus across the board, with “Funny Papers” also available in 2.0 Women’s cut and Youth sizes, and also the widely popular “Age of the Bat” from series 1 in Youth. 

Should be plenty of more action on the horizon as well for some additional collections, perhaps a full-blown villains series maybe?! Maybe indeed, we’ll all just have to hang loose for a bit to find out what’s next for our caped crusader and his cast of merry friends and foes. 

So until next time (and same bat channel), series II lookbook below.