Field Notes

RSVLTS x Beetlejuice Collection - Lookbook


Holy BETELGEUSE! We’re beyond stoked for the creation and launch of this overall collection, which personally is an all-time favorite franchise that truly defined my own childhood and probably many others...both the movie and the animated series. 

Favorite character? Other than the ‘Geuse himself...Otho. Duh. The guy was the most fashion forward person I could think of in that area, waaaay ahead of his time. Incredible name too, but I now digress.  

So getting back on subject, this collection most definitely has a little of something for everyone - we’re featuring Beetlejuice doing his thing and in all the shapes, forms and sizes across the franchise, all the beautiful ghost, ghouls and ghastly creatures of the Neitherworld, elongated faces, depictions of literal beetles, a handbook for the recently deceased. Boom. 

Heck, because the creative juices were flowing, we even threw in a vintage-looking stretch flannel (BorlandFlex) for one options (the rest of the collection are Kunuflex)...and dang did the design murder harder than a sandworm on a rampage. 

Shoutout again to the man, the legend, Otho.

Take a glimpse of the collection below - enjoy!