Field Notes

RSVLTS x Big Lebowski 2023 Collection & 5xl Pilot News

Considering this far out 2023 collection, The Dude absolutely abides. 

Much like The Dude’s abstract dream sequences, we went a little bold with the designs for a few of these shirts - "Strikes & Gutters" and “Tripping Bowling Balls” - within this RSVLTS x Big Lebowski drop. 

Additionally, like the achievers we are, also available is a “Lil’ Bowskies” Little Things print with some iconography based on some infamous quotes and items across the franchise. Likewise we brought to life the fan favorite “El Duderino” shirt from the previous drop, now available in a beautiful Breakfast Balls All-Day polo, which should continue to elevate your game on the golf course and/or in the dairy aisle next time you’re live-tasting half & half at the grocery store.  

Lastly, you’ll notice with this drop that we’re trialing the introduction of a size 5xl KUNUFLEX™ to be included with this collection ONLY, for the time being. Pending reception of this pilot, customer feedback, etc., we’ll look to roll out this sizing for future collections later this year, but want to make sure this initial run goes well before we push this format into additional drops. Sizing guide listed within the FAQ/Help Center and below for quick reference.