Field Notes

RSVLTS x Disney/Pixar Coco Collection - Lookbook

Dang, how good is this movie? Cue the waterworks!

So when thinking about the creation of a collection of shirts that could encompass all the major aspects of the film, there was obviously plenty to work with related to the beautiful overall storyline, gorgeous music, and incredibly vivid graphics and imagery. 

And we couldn’t stop at just one or two button-downs either, three was the magic number - each Kunuflex carrying its own theme and is filled with a mix of music notes, guitars, calaveras, little Ernestos, little Héctors, little Imeldas, bright marigolds, candles and more. 

See if you can find all the little details and beyond...each shirt that will make your eyes mist up like they always do when Miguel sings to Mamá Coco.

All available in both adult and toddler sizes. Lookbook below!