Field Notes

RSVLTS x Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Collection

For this very special collection, we truly spared no expense 😉 

So buckle your seatbelt (or just tie both ends together), because it's a 30th Anniversary edition of the latest & greatest Jurassic Park x RSVLTS Collection!

Celebrate three decades of dinosaur movie magic with Mr. DNA, a collage of fan favorite iconography, a tux tribute to those sweet high-tech self-driving vehicles (an interactive CD-ROM!), and a brachiosaurus design that'll have you feeling faint.

The four shirt KUNUFLEX™ collection - “Life Finds A Way”, “Mr. DNA”, “Tour Begins Here” and “Welcome to Jurassic Park” - features vibrant colors and bespoke designs, all available in classic (unisex), women's and youth styles/sizes! Oh yeah, there’s also some bonus hybrid shorts on select designs as well. 

Without further ado…it’s time to remove your hat, take off those sunglasses, and try to comprehend what you’re seeing below (more photos available within the collection link above), because these designs are breathtaking behemoths!