Field Notes

RSVLTS x Jurassic Park Collection - Lookbook

What did I just hear, did somebody just scream that “nobody cares” about Nedry? Or wait…actually that was directed toward Dodgson, right? 

Regardless of this prehistoric Solo/Greedo conundrum (not really at all, in this instance), everyone is truly going to care once they feast their eyes upon this newest RSVLTS x Jurassic Park Collection.

The five KUNUFLEX™ button down shirt drop has a little of something for every level of JP fan, including some deep cut references, visuals and easter eggs from the first film. The shirts - “Tiki Finds A Way,” “The Nedry Code,” “Six Foot Turkey,” “Fossil Records” and “Nobody Cares” - definitely will instill nostalgia from the beloved franchise, the latter two designs as listed above also have matching hybrid shorts available to create an oh-so-sweet Jurassic tuxedo.

Note that “The Nedry Code” does not include a chest pocket to ensure the best possible design orientation. 

Lookbook below, and some additional description behind each shirt can also be found in the following article: