Field Notes

RSVLTS x Labyrinth Collection - Lookbook

Ludos and Hoggles and Fierys, OH MY!

Oh yeah…and Toby and Sarah and Ambrosius and Didymus and friggin’ JARETH!!!

In honor of the 35th Anniversary of this beloved cult movie, one that at the time truly defined childhoods by way of both imaginative storytelling and a wild soundtrack - thus opening many eyes and ears to the mystical, BOWIE! - this is one of those collections RSVLTS couldn’t be more excited to introduce to the world. 

Lest we forget this film is a continuation of all Mr. Jim Henson and Frank Oz’s outrageously, incredibly fringe imaginations and puppetry/muppetry. While “The Muppets” were already established and a pop culture phenomenon to their own regard, The Labyrinth and its predecessor (The Dark Crystal) further cemented the dark and magical depths of Mr. Henson’s and Frank Oz’s genius to the masses. 

Back to the three RSVLTS x Labyrinth Kunuflex shirts available - “Further Than You Think”, “Helping Hands” and “Jareth’s Goblins” - there’s more than enough options to keep you lookin’ as gorgeous as good ol’ Jareth all while strollin’ through your own personal Labyrinth. 

See below for a first glimpse of each - enjoy, and don’t be shy to stop and chat with The Worm!