Field Notes

RSVLTS x Star Wars Classic Collection III - Lookbook

[cue the ol’ Throne Room theme song, Mr. Williams]

Alas, the time has come to debut the third and final series from this classic Star Wars x RSVLTS trilogy collection

Overall we had a blast curating all the releases across the three drops over the past few months, which was honestly challenging to narrow down to just those select shirts within the overall collection. 

For today’s drop in particular, obviously one design - “Luke Sleepwalker” - should usher in a nice flashback to some of our more formative padawan years when this entire universe first captivated our imaginations. Likewise, the other two items, “Stay on Target” and “The Droids You’re Looking Fleur” respectively, offer some minimalistic and abstract designs that will definitely complement and complete your overall collection.

So what’s next on the horizon, you ask? Well, unlike a stormtroopers sharp-shooting credentials, there’s no question we’ll be back soon enough with some more items...we’ve most definitely only scratched the surface within the Star Wars galaxy, both near and far away. 

Oh...and we’d be remiss to not leave you with some obligatory parting words of wisdom for today: MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU. Always.