Field Notes

RSVLTS x Ultraman Debut Collection

While the Color Timer is still blue, grab the first-ever Ultraman x RSVLTS Collection!

The legendary tokusatsu titan has finally arrived from the Land of Light with a lineup that’ll have your wardrobe shining brighter than the Plasma Spark. Featuring the most iconic iterations of Ultraman through the years, plus a cavalcade of killer kaiju and angry aliens, this gear isn’t just hot…it’s Spacium Beam hot.

The three shirt KUNUFLEX™ collection - “Ultra ‘66”, “Lil Ultras” and “Ultra-Villainous” - features throwback artwork, tons of Ultra characters and a mega-mashup of villainy, all available in classic (unisex) styles! 

Bonus: click the following link to read even more background on the collection, including an interview with RSVLTS own Senior Creative Director, Greg Storey, at UltramanConnection