Field Notes

RSVLTS x What We Do In The Shadows Collection - Preview

Ever get turned onto a music/band or a show/movie years after debut, just to have your world delightfully shattered, causing you to scream out loud “what rock have I been under, what the heck have I been doing?!”

Yeah? Well, the FX “What We Do In The Shadows” series was absolutely one of those moments for me (and a few others at HQ), which like I’ve discussed with many up to this point, likely could be traced back to the so-so 2014 movie as a major reason the show was completely overlooked.

But hot damn, upon first binge of the series a few months back (and a subsequent rebinge a few weeks back), the show was like being blissfully bitten for the first time. If only Gizmo could understand this notion. 

So with Season 3 officially underway, and as hilariously brilliant as ever, we present thee with two incredible shirts for this first collection that fully captures the essence of the show and its amazing cast of killer characters (one of which extremely pops under UV light). 

Feel like there’s more quirk we need to create? Let us know...and until then, we’ll be laying low in TransPennsylvania. 

Not your typical lookbook, all the models were invisible, so enjoy the apparel preview while it lasts.