Field Notes

Shop Local: RSVLTS Coming Soon To A Main St. Near You

As a small business founded in Hoboken, NJ, we believe there are few better ways to support your community then patronizing independent brick-and-mortar local businesses.

RSVLTS is and always will be an e-commerce retailer but as the brand grows we see great opportunity in partnering with local retailers to carry our apparel.

With that in mind, we're proud to announce our Shop Local program where small and local independent retailers will begin carrying RSVLTS apparel.

No, you won't find us in Urban Outfitters or Nordstrom, just yet. We'll be over at Palmetto Moon in Charleston, SC or The Break Room in Chatham, MA or Mast General Stores all over Tennessee having a grand old time.

Having our apparel in brick-and-mortar locations will allow new customers to see the eye-catching designs in person, feel the buttery soft quality and try it on. It also means foot traffic which is vital to local small business owners.

The shops will carry our legacy items like the Bomb Pops & Freedom and the Great Hambino, but they'll also have exclusive first access to highly anticipated new releases, which means the likelihood of driving new customers into stores to meet the local business owners and help support their homegrown cause.

Our hypothesis: patrons will walk into their local shop organically or will be encouraged to visit a local shop through the mystical powers of our social channels. Then, they will make a RSVLTS purchase and then enjoy the designs and buttery soft fabrics enough to make future purchases with us online.

We may only be sharing the news on a wider scale now but our Shop Local program is already well under way.

Some noteworthy things we've accomplished recently:

  • Signed up our 60th Shop Local partner store. Most of our shops are on the East Coast but we've got Enda King holding things down on "The Coolest Block In America," according to Esquire.
  • Hosted a trunk sale at The Break Room in Chatham, MA and got to see our plan in action.
  • Started planning a spring 2019 public relations push to generate wider interest for this cause.
  • Showcased our apparel at Surf Expo, the largest and longest-running sports and beach/resort lifestyle trade show, which led to some spicy leads.
  • Hired a full time Wholesale Director to manage accounts, conduct outreach, develop a regional sales team and push the petal to the metal through the next year.

In the mean time, check out our snazzy Shop Local Map which we'll update as new stores come onboard and if you have a local business or know of a local retailer who may be interested in carrying the RSVLTS brand lets talk!