Field Notes

Spotlight: Welcome Noelle Foley - and Mick! - to the RSVLTS Family

Every once in a great while, without any intentional efforts, the universe presents itself in incredible ways, various stars align, the skies open and the sun shines down...however you want to phrase it, basically cool stuff happens. 

And this is 1000% one of those moments.

With the launch of the most recent RSVLTS x WWE Collection drop, we had the incredible honor and opportunity to collaborate with none other than superstar content creator, Noelle Foley, whose name might be rather familiar. 

However, her family name isn’t how it all came together (social media, it’s a thing!). Obviously, in some parallel timeline universe we’re certainly glad the stars did align on this one, and are very excited for the launch of her collection page featuring Noelle in this current WWE shirts, but maybe some additional curated collections of hers to follow. Who knows where we’ll go together! 🚀🚀🚀

Nonetheless, here’s our brief story straight from source, and a few additional anecdotes related to this collab. Over to you, Noelle: 

How did you first hear about RSVLTS?

I first learned about RSVLTS when I saw their first collection with WWE! I specifically remember seeing the Bray Wyatt, FireFly Funhouse shirt, and thinking to myself “That is GENIUS!!!” And ever since then I’ve been a huge fan of RSVLTS and all their awesome designs! 😊

What was your initial reaction to seeing your dad’s face on the apparel (editor's note: this was not discussed in advance)?

So I knew I was receiving a package in the mail from RSVLTS related to WWE, but I had NO idea what designs were inside, and I open it up and the first shirt I see is the Three Faces of Foley shirt. My first initial reaction out loud was “SSSIIIICCCKKK” because it is indeed SSSIIICCCKKK!! I then showed my dad and he loved it and right away, asked “Can you get me one?!” 😂 So yeah, all the Foleys are a big fan of the new shirt!

The people gotta know...what’s next for Noelle?!

I honestly can’t expand fully on details at the moment, I have a few fun things in the mix (a-hem, RSVLTS perhaps), just waiting for the world to be a bit more normal again. Definitely stay tuned!!!