Field Notes

The First-Ever Naruto Shippuden x RSVLTS Collection is Here!

Believe It!

All of your training has prepared you for the first-ever…Naruto Shippuden x RSVLTS Collection!

Every hero has something special within. For some, it's courage. For others, it's a titanic, nine-tailed demon fox. Lucky for the people of the Shinobi World, their hero has both. And while it’s what’s on the inside that counts, what's on the outside is going to look equally as a legendary. 

Today's your chance to rock the likes of Naruto, Kurama, Itachi, the Akatsuki, and the best darn ramen in the Hidden Leaf. Get your hands on designs such as - "Instant Ichiraku," "Itachi Uchiha," "Mt. Myoboku," "Nine-Tailed Fox," "Naruto," "Ichiraku Ramen," and "Akatsuki". A collection so good you will be Naruto running to get them into your cart!

All designs are on KUNUFLEX™ material and are available across classic and women's styles/sizing, with select designs available in hybrid shorts! And we can't forget the addition of some extremely comfortable tees.

If you don't like the KUNU that fate's dealt you with, fight for a new one and secure one of these gems today!