Field Notes

The Shining x RSVLTS: Room 237

Come play with us.

2020 is the 40th anniversary of The Shining and we wanted to celebrate like it was the 1921 July 4th Ball at the Overlook Hotel. So, we're doing something special.

The Shining Collection will be limited-edition like we've never done before.

With a nod to the infamous room 237 at the Overlook, each shirt style in this collection will be limited to 237 units, total. When you buy one of these shirts on our site or the RSVLTS app, included in your package will be a unique Overlook Hotel room key featuring the collaboration logo and a number (1/237, 2/237, 3/237, etc.), noting your shirt's place in the collection. We'll have additional, non-numbered key chains available on the RSVLTS app for purchase as well.

These are much more than badass shirts paying tribute to one of the great horror movies of all time, these are wearable, small batch collector's items.

Welcome to The Shining x RSVLTS. Hop in the snowcat, let's go for a ride.