Field Notes

The Super Reversible, Super Fashionable, RSVLTS “Teddy Bomber” Jacket

::cue David Attenborough:: “Ahhh, yessss…would you look at that beauty. It’s the rarest of rare sightings in the wild, the elusive striped-sleeved party tiger has emerged from its den, ready for action.”

Next in our RSVLTS originals collection, we introduce “The Teddy Bomber” jacket in all its reversible glory. Similar to last year’s The Lloyd licensed “Dumb & Dumber” release, this bomber jacket features two incredible sides always ready to be rocked for any occasion. 

One side features a faded surplus green for an all-over, all-around subtle look; the other side sports a vintage black torso with tiger camo on the sleeves, poised to rip the roof off your next soiree. With reversible zippers and pockets on both sides, you can switch up your style every over day and no one will ever know…or dare to question. 

Hold up. Harvey Dent just called, said he’s about to call an emergency press conference to figure out what the heck is going on at HQ with “all this business-on-one-side-party-on-the-other” heat, said we’re encroaching on his turf with too much double-sided greatness.  

And to give the bomber a little visual context, RSVLTS did a brief field test with the one and only, Gates Councilor, to give it a little run through the jungle. As it’s been said, pictures are worth more than a 1000 words, so let’s all bask in the Gates/Teddy limelight, because it speaks volumes!