Field Notes

The Winners of DTH Snap Shot Trivia and Upcoming Trivia Events!

It’s been a hot minute, I know. After two and half months of honey-do lists, cleaning, CoD Warzone, and living on Insiders, I took over as GM at Orange County Brewers. That hasn’t left me with a ton of free time but, believe me, I wish I had more time for all of you. With that said, the highlight of my year so far has been DTH Snap Shot Trivia

Social distancing and the rise of Zoom meetings has become the “New Normal” (**vomit** I hate that term). And guess what? I love it! Though the Chicago Meetup was a blast and I love seeing my RSVLTS DRMTM in person, the response to these Trivia rounds from the very start with April’s Baseball Trivia has hit me in the feels.

Insiders has been a great way to meet and joke with people. Being able to get together once every few weeks and have a drink has been so much fun. My wife likes to make fun of me and my “Weird Internet Friends,” but you guys are truly becoming a second family. Who knew a company that stumbled upon shirt-making would create such a comforting community. These fun trivia nights have helped me realize that, even more.

Without further ado: After (finally) getting a chance to go through hundreds of screenshots and tally up the answers, we have a few winners to announce!

TV Trivia was the first of its kind. Using our raffle drum, we randomly picked out characters from the many licenses RSVLTS uses to make the amazing shirts we rock so proudly. It was a nail-biter and the winner took it by only one point. Congrats to Cole Spencer for necking it out and topping Richie Frangella for our top spot and TV winner!

The Cinematic Quiz was also very close. John, Steve, and Pete decided to join in to spice up the competition, but their combined brain power wasn’t enough to beat out our two winners. In a heated battle, DRMTMer Frankie Morales and Fred Soloman tied with 42 correct answers (cue the epic back-and-forth-battle 80s movie montage).

Last but not least, I teamed up with Frankie “The Frankchise” Morales to co-host WWE Trivia.  No one stood a chance in this last-man-standing death match. Rob Gaynier (or should we call him “Mr. Perfect”) destroyed the competition, taking an early lead and never looking back. He nailed every single question!  

All winners will be receiving 5,000 RSVLTS Rewards Points and will live on in DTH Snap Shot Trivia. Thank you to everyone who participated and please stay tuned for Music Clip Trivia with special guest host Jamie Freund. I’m anxious to start hosting more, so keep on the lookout for some other cool stuff on the way!