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‘Tis The Season For Dashing Doorbuster Deals - RSVLTS BFCM is Nigh

With Spooky Season fully in our rear-views, and Thanksgiving waiting patiently in the wings (get it, ‘cause turkey and stuff-ing), it’s once again time to say “season’s greetings” to another pair of highly-anticipated autumn holidays: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With those magnificently manic days fast approaching, we know the daunting task of holiday gifting is creeping into your mind like Santa tiptoeing toward a plate of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. Gifting, and of course locating both your Mariah-Biebs-Mike Bublé-Mannheim Steamroller compact discs and your old man’s famous eggnog recipe (read: spiced rum).

So, to help everyone get a jump on shopping season, RSVLTS is hitting you with a glorious guide to our BFCM deals right now. Check out all of the delectable details below. 

Reminder: VIP Access starts tomorrow (11/12) at Noon EST, which means you can shop the inventory early before the specials go live more widely on Monday (11/14) at 10:00 AM EST.

Other things to expect throughout the BFCM promo window (where everyone’s a winner, at various times of course - except for Grandpa Joe [IYKYK]): 

  • Up to 60% Off **
  • Free wrapping paper with every order^
  • Accessories drop 
  • Unlock free product gifts at checkout* 
  • Doorbuster sales on certain days
  • Flash Sales on certain days
  • Sumptin’ fun on Cyber Monday ... stay tuned for more info as the day approaches

Haven’t signed up for VIP access yet? Well what the heck, that’s how you get on the ultra naughty list, so go to the official RSVLTS BFCM landing page NOW and make it happen (it takes approx 27-24 seconds)!

Small print/footnotes mumbo-jumbo: 

** excludes certain products based on recent launches

^ if still available during time of purchase; not included with t-shirt purchases

* based on final cart purchase total; website only offer